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International organisations give 7ndp thumb of approval

The 7th National Development Plan has continued to receive thumbs of approval from various local, regional and international organisations. This came to light when Permanent Secretary for Development Planning and Administration in the Ministry of National Development Planning, Mr Chola Chabala addressed a gathering at the official flag off Dissemination meeting of the 7NDP at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre today.

The Permanent Secretary highlighted that “just yesterday the University of Zambia wrote to the Minister of National Development Planning  Hon. Lucky Mulusa stating that the Plan is one of best National Development documents drafted.”

The Permanent Secretary further highlighted that among regional bodies, “SADC also sent a team during the Nation Development Coordination committee within this room were they also added their voice to supporting Zambia and endorsed the framework and approach taken.” During the same meeting SADC echoed willingness to partner with Zambia especially that most projects in the region are lacking in adding an integrated approach.


Mr. Chabala further explained that “other international bodies that have approved the document include the World Bank in various spring and  side meetings were they commended government for coming up with a well-articulated document and want to use the document to show case to other countries how to come up with plans in an integrated manner.”

The UN sited the Plan as one of best of its kind and convened 17-member countries in Nigeria to showcase how Zambia has developed its plan.

Further the UNFPA also wrote to thank government for integrating population variables into the plan. The plan will be used across the globe to show case how development planning can be approached in an integrated manner.


“Arising from that, the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been nominated to champion integrated development planning using population variables under the demographic dividend.” Said the Permanent Secretary.

UNECA also noted that this is the best model of using integrated approaches and Zambia shall be used as a flagship for delivering development in an integrated manner.

The Permanent Secretary noted that these approvals are there and written on  websites  it is up to us as technocrats and implementing institutions to ensure that the document lives up to the bar that has been set.


The National dissemination of the 7th National Development Plan was officially flagged off at the same meeting by Hon. Lucky Mulusa and Hon. Japhen Mwakalombe, Minister of Lusaka Province.

Mr Chabala explained that the flagging off meant to ensure adherance to the presidents directive when launching the Plan in June this year. During the Launch, the head of state directed that the plan should be utilised to an extent that benefits the people of Zambia.

Mr Chabala explained that the plan shall be implemented under the anchor of decentralisation so it is important that provinces take ownership. The dissemination will be done in all provinces of Zambia

The dissemination shall ensure stake holders appreciate the plan and foster broad based ownership of the document

Mr Chabala further stated that through this process right from provinces to districts country wide, flag bearers such as District Commissioner and Technocrats internalised the plan and supporting documents such as Demographic Dividend Report, Population Policy, Integrated Rural Development Operational Strategy and analysis of various key performance areas.

‘Further having extensively consulted citizenry, the dissemination process seeks to have another thumb of approval from those that actually provided input to the process and shows citizens that what they told us has been largely adopted” echoed the Permanent Secretary.



Sikabele Chikuba

Public Relations Officer


Cell: 0968410616

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