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Pf southern province applauds national dissemination of 7ndp

The successful conclusion of the national dissemination of the Seventh National Development Plan-7NDP-to all the ten provinces last week by the Ministry of National Planning sets in motion the implementation of the plan country wide.

As PF leadership in Southern Province we expect civil servants, stakeholders and every citizen to follow and implement development plans as outlined in the 7NDP. His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa is in a hurry to take development to all corners of this country and as citizens we are duty bound to carry-on the President ‘s vision .

Therefore it is prudent that civil servants at all levels lead the way in ensuring understanding and appreciation of the contents and objectives of the Plan and aggressively sensitise the masses so that no one is left behind like the President has been emphasising time and again.

Even the 7NDP acknowledges the need to carry everyone alone hence the theme, “accelerating development efforts towards the year 2030 without leaving anyone behind.”

We are aware that the 7NDP is built on the principle of decentralisation,

sectoral integration and overall development planning in a comprehensive manner.This will see power devolved to local authorities which simply means citizens themselves will govern and so unless citizens and stakeholders at Provincial and district levels appreciate the plan it will be difficult to execute it.

Time is not on ourside, the year 2030 is just about 12 years away from now when the country should be a successful middle-income. We cannot afford to procrastinate it is time for everyone to hit the ground running in implementing the plan now that it is in the Provinces and districts.

We have no doubt as a Party in Southern Province that the country has embarked on another development trajectory and achieving the 2030 vision target is the focus and working together we will attain benchmarks outlined in the plan.

It also worth noting that the 7NDP has received voices of approval both locally and internationally as a well articulated document that addresses issues of sectoral integration and development planning in a comprehensive manner with the United Nations suggesting that the Plan be adopted as a model for training other countries on issues of sectoral integration and development planning.

What else would we ask for, other than make a passionate appeal to all party members, civil servants and well meaning Zambians to spearhead and oversee the implementation and execution of the 7NDP in totality. This is a government program and no one bent on frustrating or delaying the implementation should be spared but appropriate action be taken.




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