Zambia South to South Project on Technology Transfer

Zambia South to South Project on Technology Transfer: The project is being implemented through the UNDP and is aimed transferring knowledge and technologies on Solar and Small-hydro. The project is envisaged to be beneficial to local private companies and government institutions involved in solar and small-hydro technologies through skills development. One of the key outcomes of the project is to establish two (2) centres of excellence; one focusing on Solar Energy at the University of Zambia, and the other focusing on Small-hydro power plants at the Kafue Gorge Training Centre. The project will also develop a micro-hydro off-grid power plant at Chipota in Serenje as a model for rural power development in Zambia. The project will build local skills using the power plant development for hands on training and expertise in renewable energy development and will consequently increase access to modern energy services, increase the rate energy efficiency and contribute to the increase in renewable energy in the energy mix.