The IMF Mission to Zambia paid a courtesy on the Minister of Development Planning Honourable Lucky Mulusa.

During the call Honourable Lucky Mulusa underscored the importance of feasibility studies and the need to appraise mega projects that the Government shall embark on. This will ensure that Government realises beneficial outcomes on its investments and grows the economy in a manner that promotes equity and efficiency in the running of business.

The Minister highlighted that the Ministry will play a key role on the economic stabilisation programs with a view to ensure projects that the IMF programme supports a Government driven agenda of promoting diversification of the economy which will lead to enhanced growth and development.

And Ministry of Development Planning Permanent Secretary Mr Chola Chabala briefed the Mission that the preparatory process of the 7th National Development Plan had been completed and was awaiting launch by the President. The Permanent Secretary informed the IMF team that the 7th National Development Plan incorporates a whole Chapter that is anchored on Economic Stabilisation and Growth Program. The chapter will guide Zambia’s implementation of the home-grown IMF programme. The Permanent Secretary further stated that the Ministry of Development Planning worked closely with the Ministry of Finance in the Development of the Plan from inception to its finality.

The Permanent Secretary further disclosed that the Ministry had embarked on the development of the Implementation Plan which is targeted to be finalised ahead of the 2018 budget. This will help harmonise the budgets and the Plan as provided for in the Planning and Budgeting Policy.